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It's hard to believe that just over a decade ago, the Facsimile or "Fax" machine burst upon the scene and quickly became as indispensable as the telephone for business communications. All the early machines used rolls of thermal fax paper. The problem was that this thermal paper was impossible to write on, curled up, and couldn't be archived.

The second revolution for Facsimile machines came with the advent of the "Plain Paper" Fax machine. Now, regular cut sheet (copy) paper could be used in these machines. The image on this paper would be made by a Plain Paper Fax "Toner".

Ketty Business Supply & Paper Co. has a complete line of Genuine Plain Paper Fax Toners from Brother to Xerox ...all at the lowest possible prices! In addition to these toners, we carry drums, masters, and imaging units.

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